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As a pioneer door brand of Turkey, Dortek has been a leading company in door architecture, design and technology in Turkey since the day it started. Dortek has become the leader of the sector with its constantly developing product range, turnkey application solution, warranty application including installation, special engineering solutions for projects, increasing market share and success line. Continuing the production of 30.000 m2 closed plant area in Kastamonu, Dortek is the largest and technologically most comprehensive production facility in Turkey with its high production capacity and quality. Dortek manufactures fully automatic production with UV (Ultra Violet) Lacquer, Polymeric, Natural and İndustrial wood production lines in the machinery park of the factory; Aims to provide superior service experience to its customers with product development specialist, R & D team, project sales engineers and branches locating all over the country through its dealers. Dortek offers wide range of products at the door, with more than 2000 internal door model options available in the products, regardless of performance applications, opening options and dimensions. In addition to steel doors, fire doors and other performance doors; kitchen and bathroom applications are also a priority in integrated wood solutions. Dortek offers all the wood components needed in a house with the most appropriate solutions to customers by a single source. Besides, all wooden components are offered with the same quality for schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls and hotels. Distinguishing its products are a never-ending architectural practice for Dortek it takes much work to be done and innovations that need to be explored. Dortek is committed to being one of the most ambitious solution partners of the door and furniture world with its vision of the future, making its business passionately and continuing its product development efforts with a genuine motivation.


One of our most fundamental values is the high quality standards that we are committed to our customers. All components used in Dortek products are meticulously selected with years of experience. The wood fiber board, lining, paint, coatings, accessories and other components used are supplied from certified suppliers compliant with European Union norms in line with the Dortek quality line and pay particular attention to being in DIN norms. In product development studies, every new product produced is subjected to aging tests. Quality control processes are followed carefully before being submitted to the service. The most important principle of Dortek, which completes discovery, measurement, disassembly and assembly services within the integral part of sale, is to provide customer satisfaction at a high level. With our passion for quality, we offer you far more than a product. Products designed to protect, provide comfort, express style and create value services. These are the things you can expect from us.

Project Management 

Dortek, besides the products and solutions offered by architectural projects, architect, interior designer, project consultant, engineer, contractor, and investor firm which also maintains an ambitious service policy with support. In the field of expert sales, product development and product management teams, all projects being meticulously examined. Architectural needs and projects are designed according to provide functional solutions to meet client expectations is carefully prepared. Dortek project consultants provide product proposals for the project specifications, which is crucial to technical support to its residential and commercial clients to examine in an extensive way. Dortek over the course of years gained siginificant experience and knowledge, it reveals integrated doors in almost every project where wood solutions are needed by determining right product, right price, on-time delivery and application warranty solution; which is presented in the service package to clients. Dortek besides residential projects, which also provides wood solutions to shopping center projects, hospitals, business centers, hotel projects, industrial facilities, and mass housing projects by required doors for the projects, kitchen and other wood solutions; to corporate clients by following the innovations in the world promptly and efficiently